Individual Coaching

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A 1x1 coaching package tailored towards those who are new to coaching, but know something needs to change in their ways of working.  This is for the professionals who refuse to accept that "work is just hard work", and want to adjust their job to be a meaningful component of their life. 

Who It's FoR:

Sometimes we reach the point where we're not sure what we want to do next.  This program is for the women who are working so hard in their jobs, but realizing that they're not sure if they even want to be on this path long-term.  They don't know if they have an issue with the job in general, or the day-to-day difficulties of their work environment.  They've tried different roles and opportunities, but none of them quite jive. They're tired of waiting to stumble upon the "right fit" or for their working environment to improve.  This program helps them to determine their long-term vision so that they can create a fulfilling career that fits within it, and helps them answer "should I stay or should I go?"

Why I Care:

My media planning job was great on paper: I was successful, working on a huge client, and had a quick upwards trajectory.  But it wasn't the work I loved doing day in and day out.  I was feeling pushed from the role, but I didn’t know what I was being pulled towards yet.  I went through a great deal of self-work to find the best fit that I'm in today, and this program is something I wish I had at the time of my transition.  

It can be hard sometimes to determine if concerns about your role are tied to what you're doing or how you're doing it, and I'm passionate about helping women to diagnose those hurdles to build careers they love. 



  • 1x1 orientation call

  • Six 45 minute long calls

  • All calls via Google Hangout

  • Custom homework to aid retention

  • Tools and worksheets that can be applied for long-term use