Career Clarity Super-Course


A one-month immersive course and community for the badass women who refuse to settle and are ready to create fulfilling careers where they can show up as their authentic selves. 

Who It's FoR:

The do-ers, who believe that they deserve to get joy from their careers and are ready to take action to get it.  This is not for the wishers - the people who cross their fingers and hope their career will change.  It is for the ladies who show up ready and willing to craft meaningful careers around their true callings.  This is for the women who want to love their jobs every single day

Why I Care:

I’ve been in the corporate world, and I’ve felt the pull without knowing where I was going.  I wish there had been something to walk me through these steps so I didn’t need to try so many places to get the support I needed.




  • 4 exclusive trainings on your "career calling". 
  • Private Facebook group access.
  • Worksheets and commitments to ensure sustained implementation.
  • Group support and your questions answered in real-time, with responsive content built around your individual needs.


WHAT you will leave with:

  • A finalized statement as your easy guide for every decision.
  • A clear check-list of what you need in a role (and your life as a whole).
  • Having completed the steps necessarily to align your life, so you have a renewed passion for the work you do every single day. 

...Essentially, the life of your freaking dreams. No big deal...


You need to get in here. Pay now below to hold your seat.