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There are some questions I hear time and time again...

"Why can't I ever leave before 7 PM?"

"How can I design a fulfilling career path?"

"Seriously...will I ever look forward to Mondays?"

If any of those sound familiar, one-on-one coaching might be right for you. 

The custom process I take my clients through today is the same work that helped me transition from a successful media career to an even more successful learning & development career...all at the same company. 

It was a long journey for me to get to where I am today, and I’m driven by the desire to make the journey more efficient for my clients.

My clients start by learning who they are, what they’re motivated by, and how to build a little more of that into their roles each day.

See my unique coaching process here:

You ready?


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A one-month immersive course and community for the badass women who refuse to settle and are ready to create fulfilling careers where they can show up as their authentic selves.  This program combines the community of group work with one-on-one individualized support to pack a big punch. 

This program runs several times a year, so if you want to stay in the loop for upcoming cohorts, join our list.