Chris' Favorite Books

Mindset: The New Psychology of success, has fundamentally changed my life and how I approach obstacles.  If you're looking to up-level your career and commit to change, start by reading this to learn more about how each barrier is simply a hurdle on the road to success. 

Brené Brown isn't a well known author and speaker for no reason!  In this audio book she takes you through her groundbreaking work on shame and vulnerability.  She will truly make you appreciate all facets of yourself at work. 

If you're toying with the idea of making a jump, this book can help get you there.  It discusses the mindset we need to make a big leap of faith, and the limiting beliefs we'll be up against.  

A must-read for women in business!  This book sheds light on the importance of confidence, whether it be instilled from a young age or you're looking to build it up now. If you wonder why you're so qualified yet your male counterparts are getting ahead of you, take a look at this one. 

Whether you're an introvert or an extravert, this fabulous book sheds light on why we need both personality types.  The world we live in favors extraverts, but both groups can harness their own strength and need each other to thrive.  The Civil Rights movement needed both Martin Luther King Jr., the extraverted orator, and Rosa Parks, the quiet and strong introvert, to accomplish different goals.  Read this book to better understand the needs and balance of both types.   

One of the most cited books in the development space, Think And Grow Rich is a classic that focuses on how to develop a rich life.  This goes far beyond money too, entailing true wealth of fulfillment. 

Because all development is fun!  There are many personality type indicators out there (I'm a Myers Briggs practitioner myself), but this one is certainly a fun one to identify your strengths.  This can be used in line with your purpose to develop a fulfilling career.