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There are some questions I hear time and time again...

"Why can't I ever leave before 7 PM?"

"How can I start a career I'm passionate about, when I already have experience in my current field? Am I throwing that all away?"

"How can I get excited about my job again?"

"How do I figure out the realities of a job offer before signing on the dotted line?"

"What makes me tick?"


If any of those sound like you, check out my three main coaching paths below. 

My 1x1 packages range from 6 to 12 sessions depending on your needs, with the exception of the Confidence Booster program.

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Tailored more for the quick-fix, this package is for the little moments you need some pep. Whether it be crafting the perfect interview questions, reviewing your resume, or help with communicating better work boundaries, this is for you!  This is the only path with which I offer a 2-call package.

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Growing where you're planted is all about evolving your existing role. While you may love your overall career, maybe there are a few pain-points around HOW you're working: a struggle with work-life boundaries, poor communication of expectations, or a plateauing growth trajectory.  This path is all about resolving the tactical issues day-to-day.

This path is focused on the biggest question of all... "Where on earth do I want to go next?!" If you feel like you've "fallen into" your role, Career Clarity is for you.  We'll work on determining a career that honors your past experience and skills while still pushing you into something new and fulfilling. I will help you hone in on "you at your best", and understanding what makes you tick. 

You ready?

I only take on the "perfect fit" clients who I can help make big changes.  please schedule your free 45 minute consultation below to get started.

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A one-month immersive course and community for the badass women who refuse to settle and are ready to create fulfilling careers where they can show up as their authentic selves.  This program combines the community of group work with one-on-one individualized support to pack a big punch. 

This program runs several times a year, so if you want to stay in the loop for upcoming cohorts, join our list. 

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2 Day Trainings


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