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Individual and group coaching for corporate superstars, helping them to craft more fulfilling careers.

this might be you if…


You have a career that's great on paper, but there's a part of you that's secretly wondering if this is what you want to do long-term. You feel like you "fell into" your career, and you want to start crafting a more intentional path instead.

You're ready to learn about what kind of work would be fulfilling to you, and bring more of your best self into the office each day.


The work I do with my 9-5ers helps take you from stuck to successful.

 Instead of feeling paralyzed with options and having no idea where to go next, I break down the five main pillars to crafting a career you love. You’ll walk away with clarity around your big picture path, along with next steps to begin the process. Pretty much, you’ll have all the tools you need to build a more fulfilling career, and you’ll get back into the driver’s seat.

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how it works

My custom programming uses video coaching calls, exercises (AKA: homework), and ongoing support to create larger shifts for lasting change. 



You know all that head-trash that’s telling you what you “should” be doing? It has no place in your career. That’s why we spend a lot of time doing mindset work and helping you to address repeating patterns in the office. Because if you’re constantly working 12 hour days even after changing companies, you may be the common thread...




The heart and soul of this work, we spend time doing interest mapping and interpreting what it means for your career. It’s essential to get this part right, as self-knowledge is the first step in building a career you love.




Once you’ve determined the “north star” for your career, we’ll dig into what that means for your job. In this module, we’ll consider whether your existing role can be adjusted to be a better fit (which is always the best case scenario), or if you have “irreconcilable differences” which mean you need to do some conscious uncoupling...




Now that you’ve decided on your best next step, we’ll work on ways to get you out there. Here, we’ll create your “must have” checklist for your next role, and teach you how to ask better interview questions so that you can learn which potential opportunity is the right fit. No surprises 3 months in!




And of course, you can’t talk about career change (or any transition) without talking a bit about fear. Throughout the course of the work I’ll teach you all the tools you need to build up your confidence and make the leap.

The 2 main ways I work with clients are:

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career clarity camp


My intimate group program for women looking for more, this 16-week mentorship includes:

  • 12 group coaching calls

  • 4 individual coaching calls

  • Easy-to-follow training modules & homework

  • An online community for ongoing support

  • A small group setting of 10 women max, so you even get all the collaboration and love your heart desires

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My one-on-one coaching work for clients who need something even more custom, this work includes:

  • 12 individual coaching calls, paced at your own speed

  • Easy-to-follow training & homework

  • Ongoing email access to Chris

  • Access to monthly “office hours”, where you can pop in as needed for support

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kind words

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“Working with Chris over the past months was life changing. Every single day I use the tools Chris worked with me on to manage situations, self-beliefs and decision making. It is honestly the best gift I've ever given myself. Our sessions got me over a huge self belief blocker, and put me in control of myself - career, life, day to day actions - like I've never had before. I've gained control of my work life balance, have a better relationship with my colleagues, and know exactly who I am at my best, and what I'm looking for in my next opportunity.”

— Kristy, Gold Coast, Australia