Hi, I'm Chris.

I started Empowered Achievers to empower women to take ownership of their career and lives. Lofty ambition, huh?

I feel so strongly about this work because I didn’t always take ownership of my own career.  In 2014 I was working at an agency in San Francisco with Google as my main client, churning out award-winning campaigns. Everything was amazing, until I realized over time that I had fallen into my role, and I just didn’t love it anymore. In my determination to find what I did love, I started exploring. And over the next couple of years, everything changed for me…

Today, I work to empower women to make this same kind of change in their own lives.

Watch the video below to hear the whole story!

And If you really must know...

  • Trained facilitator, running hundreds of trainings for agency folks

  • Certified Myers-Briggs Practitioner, running team-type trainings

  • CTA certified coach

  • Voted one of the Best Millennial Career Experts by PeopleMaven

  • Article contributor to Thrive Global and featured in various publications



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