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Veronica Testimonial.png

“Chris is an incredible coach. She absolutely cares about the whole you- Not just helping with your career goals but also improving your day to day life. Chris is so genuine and fun and not one moment feels like a forced "coaching session" or a corny "workshopping activity." Working with Chris provided the clarity and strength I needed to leave a successful career to start my own business, while also providing an excellent toolbox to be more organized, positive, and thoughtful about my daily experiences. She is quite literally a life changer.”

— Veronica, Brooklyn, NY

Molly Testimonial.png

“When I first considered working with a career coach I was burned out, unsatisfied with my job, and had no idea what to do about it. I decided to research career coaches with the hope that I'd find someone who could offer support and guidance. I can't tell you how thankful I am that I made the decision to work with Chris.

She has created a program that truly demystifies the job search. One of my favorite parts of working with Chris, was the work we did around unpacking limiting beliefs. It has been so helpful to have awareness of what's keeping me stuck, and to have strategies for working through it. On top of all that, Chris brings such positivity and warmth to every meeting. I could not recommend working with her more highly.”

— Molly, San Francisco, CA

Kaityln Testimonial.png

”I knew from my first call with Chris that she'd be able to help me navigate changing my career in a thoughtful way after a few rough patches at different companies. What I did not expect was the impact Chris' coaching would have on my life outside of work. Working with Chris I learned techniques that I could use both in the office and out of work to help me improve my quality of life. With Chris' guidance I was able to not only able to successfully navigate my career change, but also implement techniques that made my wedding planning less stressful, that helped me prioritize fun in my personal life, that empowered me to have tough conversations at work where I confidently asked for what I wanted (and got it) and also to take a 2 month backpack trip without an itinerary and be present and enjoy every moment. I highly recommend working with Chris and can confidently say you'll be surprised at how much working with her will exceed your (already high) expectations!”

— Kaitlyn, San Fransisco, CA

Vanessa Testimonial.png

”Working with Chris was like a rebirth of my professional state of mind. For years I've felt very stuck, unclear, and unsure of where I'm supposed to be, but working through this program provided a level of clarity that I've never had before. Not only do I feel better equipped to take on my job search in a meaningful way, but I feel confident in myself which was something that had been holding me back for years. I am very thankful for this experience and will use the tools provided to find my professional happy place!”

— Vanessa, Denver, CO

Testimonial for Empowered Achievers - Anne.png

I met Chris at a networking event last year and fell in love with her ideal around 'work life integration vs. work life balance' and the entire way she presents herself. Despite the fact that I wasn't even looking for a career change and felt pretty clear about my professional life, I just thought 'that girl is a powerhouse, I want to present myself like her.' And so, per her 'no hell maybe' mantra, I emphatically decided that I would indeed work with Chris. On what? I wasn't sure at the time. But I knew my answer was 'hell yes,' and I'm SO grateful for that. Chris helped me cement who I am at my best, evangelize my core values, discover that I'm a hygge-chaser [Google it. Thank Chris later], commit to my professional and personal path, all while remembering that even though I've made so many lifelong commitments and plans, that it's okay to pivot. I now have a fool-proof methodology to pivot anytime I want or need. What a beautiful, permanent gift--to have been given a toolbox instead of a bandaid. I literally cannot stop talking about the work Chris helped me with over the past few months--and frankly, I hope I never do.

— Anne, Seattle, WA

Susana Testimonial.png

“I’m so grateful my friends recommended Chris. I was at a point in my career where I had just left a toxic job and was struggling to pick up the pieces. Chris helped me focus on identifying my strengths, and as a result  I found the role that is truly me at my best. While I had always considered myself “an achiever” in school and work, Chris really helped develop my sense of empowerment in my career and life. I can not recommend her enough! "

— Susanna, Chicago, IL

Jen Testimonial.png

After working briefly with Chris during one of her virtual programs, I immediately started preaching the gospel of Empowered Achievers to everyone I came in contact with. Little did I know that working with Chris on a full-time basis would further change my outlook on my career and how I tackle the big questions. I had been too busy or afraid to ask myself the big questions prior to working with Chris. "What makes you happy? Do you actually enjoy the work you do? In what areas of your life are you not feeling fulfilled?" Chris asks you the big questions, and pushes you to be honest with her - and yourself. Until working with her, I felt overwhelmed by not having all of the answers to those questions. Now, I feel like not only am I closer to my answers than ever - and that the power lies in the process.

— Jen, Charlotte, NC


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